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Michael A. Caldarazzo

Mr. Caldarazzo is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Forensic Interviewer. He has well over 20 years' experience in the field of investigations. His expertise is in matters concerning fraud investigations, exaggeration, state-fraud compliance and complex litigation.  Professional background and experience include workers’ compensation, disability, liability, and bodily-injury investigations... for publicly-traded insurers, mutual insurance companies, third-party administrators and privately held (self-insured) entities in a range of industries.


Mr. Caldarazzo is passionate about sharing his experience in fraud schemes, bodily-injury investigations and tactical manned & unmanned surveillance. Michael has presented at numerous industry conferences and has authored/instructed 21-lectures and seminars, along with 10-selected presentations, performed at national and regional levels. Mr. Caldarazzo believes in partnering with professionals who are serious about eliminating fraud and exaggeration from their programs. He is one of the most trusted and relied upon individuals in the industry.

Closing the deal

I have learned many lessons from this industry. First, a company's employees (and specifically the AGENTS) are the most valuable commodity an employer has.  This industry is notorious for treating investigators poorly (IE: inadequate salary, poor working hours /conditions and nonstop travel).  Poor treatment creates discontent and a whirlwind of turnover issues. The success-formula is simple; when you treat people fairly..., you will attract the BEST and MOST EXPERIENCED people in the industry.  These people (in turn) provide the best customer service, the best outcomes and the best work product to the customer.  Although this seems simple..., it rarely happens. There must always be an alignment with a company's mission and the VALUES of its employees.  Nothing separates people quicker than this.